1.1. Project Manager/ WHM

  • The path to access the module is as shown below.





  • The Project Manager will upload the material to be received at site from warehouse via Uploader available in web portal in the below template format.


  • Note, all fields in the uploader template are mandatory to fill.
  • Material visibility against the site will be on the basis of site category, please find the details below.
                                                       Site Category


        Name of Equipment                       

Solar + EB Solar + DG EB + DG
Li-ion Battery Yes Yes Yes
Hybrid CCU Yes Yes No
SMPS No No Yes
Solar Panel & Structure Yes Yes No
ACDB Yes No Yes
CCTV Camera Yes Yes Yes
75 Kgs ABC Type Fire Extinguisher Yes Yes Yes
Twin Aviation Light Yes Yes Yes
LED Flood Light Yes Yes Yes
  • Note: – Site ID and Equipment Name should exist in the system for the upload transaction to get success.
  • Once the equipment detail is successfully uploaded, details of material to be received at site (STN) will be visible to the Site Engineer in mobile app and initial status of the transaction will be “Awaiting receive”