2.Mobile Registration


  • On successfully installing the mobile app from play store, user will be presented with a registration screen while opening the Mobile Application for first time.
  • User has to type the 10-digit mobile number in the Mobile Number field and click on register.
  • The application will process the request and complete the registration automatically.
  • After successful registration, when the user opens Skipper application, it will direct to the home screen.
  • Path to follow the registration process.


  • The Mobile Number should be updated in the system before proceeding to the registration else the system will throw the exception “Mobile number not registered in the system – 502”.
  • The mobile data/data connection should be enabled and made available during registration.
  • The mobile application should not be closed until the registration process is completed.





If the user changes the Handset/SIM/Data Number registration will be cancelled and user need to register again.